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Guilt by Nero (video)

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Man, where did they get this video of me at Stripper 101?!?!
Lesson #1 = Get paid!

Loving this song & the pole dancing skills are pretty snazzy.

What’s Dank or Not in Las Vegas, 2009.

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

So, in September, my mom took my aunt and I on a exciting “Girl’s Gone Wild” weekend in Las Vegas.  We packed a whole hell of alot into 2 and a half days, and I wanted to share what I thought was dank.

Our Hotel: Planet Hollywood. Dank, but crowded.

It was in the middle of the strip. Great if you’re into hoards of annoying/drunk uber-tourists, but not so awesome if you’re into a little more of a chill scene. We had a nice room on a high floor with a great view of the strip and a super gigantic bathroom, which was great since we had 3 ladies getting ready at the same time. The room’s decor was nice & modern with some vintage movie props. There is a gigantic mall built around the hotel which had some super amazing shopping and there were about 20 dining options to choose from. I think that if we had been bigger into the club scene & staying up late thing, we would have enjoyed it more, but in all honesty, I never got used to the swarms of people.

Activity: Stripper 101. Dank pole skills.

Every wondered how the girls on “Rock of Love” work the pole as well as they do? Take this class and have new appreciation for their skills. Learn the how-to’s of giving a sexy lapdance. Then learn the basics of working the pole. A week and a half later and I still have the bruises on my legs to prove how much of an earnest learner I was. :) Add in a free photo of you working the pole, and an alcoholic drink to get your inhibitions lowered…. How can you afford to NOT take this class? :) Although, It was awesome to have some bonding time with my mom and aunt, I would probably recommend others to not do  the same as I did. It’s kinda awkward to be straddling a chair while learning how to “get paid” next to your blood relatives. :)

Show: The Thunder From Down Under. Dinki-di Dank!

Hot guys with buff bods and Australian accents, who do choreographed dance routines with fireman themes? Please, and thank you! Maybe not the most polished dancing from males on the strip, but it was obviously clear from their moves that most of the guys were into chicks. Also, 3 jello shots for $5 was a saweet drink special. I enjoyed watching the show. I was really glad that I wasn’t at the table that one dancer climbed and then poured a drink all over himself (ala Flashdance), but it was totally awesome/hilarious to watch.  Also, it was totally worth the $20 to get my picture taken on a couch with 6 of the dancers. (who were all very friendly and chatty & totally dug my hair, bracelet and shoes…….. wait a sec… I may have to rethink my previous stance on how straight the majority of them were….) All in all, though, I totally dug the show, and would probably go again if I got the chance.

Show: Jubilee! 9 out of 10 show choir members would vote it Dank.

Picture this. Naked high school show choir on crack. That’s Jubilee!  Amazing outfits with tons of feathers and sequins. Gigantic 2 story props with smoke and fire, and they move! And nudity! What’s not to love (if you’re an ex-show choir member)? Book the show in advance to make sure that you get seats close to the stage, like we did, and you’ll be so close that you can read the names of the dancers off the bottoms of their shoes. Shout out to Colette! Nice moves :)

Restaurant: Koi - Dank Japanese food

Beautiful venue, beautifully presented food. The vibe was very hip and modern. I ordered the Seaweed Medley, which was amazing. I’m a big fan of seaweed salads, and this one went above and beyond. They usually contain one type of seaweed, and this one had 3 or 4, most of which I’d never tried. It was delicious, perfectly seasoned, and was artistically presented. I also had the yellow tail and scallion roll, which was also delicious and the fish tasted very fresh. I’m a huge fan of sushi, and this place did not disappoint.

Restaurant: MIX at Mandalay Bay - Dank food and view

This restaurant is located on top of THEhotel and has one of best views in the city, IMO. The food is pricey, but super fancy and well-thought-out.  I ordered a veggie terrine, which name alone, doesn’t really sound great, but in actuality was totally fan-f*cking-tastic! The crab salad was also delish. For dessert we split the MIX candy bar. OMG. It’s the candy bar of your wild-ist dreams.

In general, we had an amazing trip! Girl’s gone wild, whoo-hoo!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Happy Muh-thah’s day to my MAH!

I have an awesome time hanging out with you, you give fantastic advice, you have exquisite taste and I get my extraordinary good looks from you. Oh, and you birthed me.  (Thanks for that, btw!)

I hope you have a wonderful day! I luv ya!

Valentine’s Day Frenzy

Friday, February 13th, 2009
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It must be that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day. It’s a great day, especially now that I’m married & have a permanent date for it, of course. Although I usually liked it, even when I didn’t. When else do you have a day dedicated to flowers, chocolates & stuffed animals? A day when you can wear red, pink & white together and people won’t think that you’re “that” big of a freak. Perhaps I’m just a romantic.  But I dig the idea of a day that’s all about pampering other people, as well as being pampered yourself. It’s the I love Love day!

Anyways. I was at the grocery store today, and as usual on the day before Valentine’s day, the flower department was a mad house. Totally jam packed full of dudes, with wide-eyed stares. Think a deer looking into the headlights of a Mack truck and cross that with a gaggle of panicked zombies who just ran out of brains to nom on. It’s kinda crazy. Looking like they’ve never seen a flower, or been inside a grocery store before.

Really guys, come on. Chicksaurs like flowers, all flowers. It’s really hard to be doing something wrong if you have flowers in hand for your woman… (unless said woman is allergic… then you should consider chocolates instead, hehe.).  Any normal chick will be stoked to get anything that shows that you were thinking of her. Really. You could pick up a piece of gravel, and say “I thought this nub of rock was unique & beautiful & it reminded me of you.” and most girls will totally swoon all over it, and you, and keep said piece of gravel proudly on display… Seriously. We’re easy to please. Me? I just want some snuggle time with my man… And perhaps something of the chocolate flavored variety….

I don’t know if I have a point here, or anything….. Maybe it’s just a piece of advice to guys. Chillax. It’s cool. You will get through this day. Good luck & get out there & show some love.  Over and out.