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Driving from Seattle to Boston: The pictures.

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Finally I’ve uploaded my pics from my cross country drive! Here are some highlights:

Fifi hanging in there for the winding curving roads in Idaho.

Fifi hanging in there for the winding curving roads in Idaho.

Devon digging Mt. Rushmore

Devon digging Mt. Rushmore

Lemur: Wheres the nearest nightclub?

Lemur: "Where's the nearest nightclub?"

Gee-up WallDrug Jack-alope!

"Gee-up WallDrug Jack-alope!"

See all my pictures from the trip here.

(Also Devon, if you’re reading this, you need to post the pictures of Fifi in front of Mt. Rushmore. Those are the most amazing pictures ever!)

Moving day.

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

I havn’t been sleeping much recently. I usually wake up in the middle of the night & then go back to bed, but since we started the whole moving process I’ve been unable to fall back asleep. So here I am.

There’s a huge moving trailer in our driveway & the local movers arrive in under 2 hours to start packing everything we own into it. So shortly, I will have no internet access. Tonight we’ll stay at our friend’s (Russell, Jenny & little Zoe) house tonight, which is so awesome of them to put up with an iguana for the evening. :)

Then bright and early tomorrow morning, 6amish, Devon, Fifi and I start our homeward bound journey. Day 1 will be a 17 hour drive from the Seattle area to Rapid City, where we’ll spend the night in a pet friendly motel. The next day we’ll do some sight seeing as we drive through South Dakota, including photo ops for Fifi in front of Mount Rushmore & the Corn Palace. 4 days after starting our drive, we should arrive in our new home (have I mentioned that D & I are homeowners?!?!) late Sunday night.

Today is the beginning of that journey. I’m excited & terrifyed. So much to do, and so far to go. Even with all that, I’m so glad to be getting back to Massachusetts. Home. To our home.

The last 2 stops: Bologna and Rome, Italy.

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

I finally finished uploading pics from My brother & I’s back packing adventure. Final 2 cities: Bologna & Rome.  Check out the galleries here:

Bologna: We braved hiking up terrifying ancient towers and surly men at the train station to eat some the most amazing Italian food we’d had in our lives & to see some beautiful art work in a practically “untouched by tourism” city.

Walking up the terrifying tower

Rome: Seeing all of the ancient ruins of Rome, that I had read about all through high school was priceless, and something I never would have really “got”, without actually seeing it all for myself. The food was mediocre, but the historic value & shit-shops were all A+++.  :)

We dug Rome.

So this completes all of my travel photos from My European backpacking adventure. To view all of the pictures, check them all out here. 

Nothing says you’re a patriot like going to Canada for the 4th of July.

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

So I’m in Canadia for a short holiday. We took Amtrak up to Vancouver this morning. It was a bit rainy, but it’s still possibly the most scenic train ride ever. It goes right along the Puget Sound coast. Lots of beaches, seaweed & wildlife. Tons of Crows, Gulls,  Green Herons and Blue Herons. And the highlight: We saw at least 7 Bald Eagles hanging out & flying around. They are such gorgeous creatures! I guess the rainy days make it easier for them to find meals at the beach. It was pretty cool. I kept interrupting Devon, who was working on his laptop, to say: “Holy crap, there’s another Bald Eagle hunting for his lunch!!!!” or “Look it’s another Great Blue Heron. Don’t they look rediculous???”.

But yeah. I’m in Vancouver. Vancouver rocks. And I’m looking forward to eating at some fantastic restaurants in Yaletown district. We’ve been here 3 times so far & have never been disappointed by just wandering into a random joint.  It seems like everything here is made with local ingredients & lots of passion.

Love it! 

Pics from Amsterdam & Switzerland!

Friday, June 6th, 2008

So with the whole being sick thing I’ve had alot of downtime & I’ve uploaded & labeled my pics from Amsterdam & Switzerland, as well as our wonderful hostess’s pics from Switzerland.

My favorite part of Amsterdam was the Anne Frank house. I was in tears and sobbing by the time we finished walking through the museum.  My least favorite part about Amsterdam was the plethora of bike paths and the utter lack of walking paths.  As for Switzerland: I think that this country might be the most beautiful place on earth.

My pictures from Amsterdam:

Amsterdam Canal

My pictures from Switzerland:

The Lemur & birds in the alps.

Nina’s Pictures in Switzerland:

Seth & I w/The Suters!

As always, click on the big pics to bring you to each album. Also, sign in to Gallery once you go there (or create an account easily), if you want to comment on the pictures.

1st batch of Europe pics.

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Alright, this has to be quick as I’m running out the door to work, and i have about 8 million things on my plate. Gawd, I miss being a little frau-line.

Album: Cote d’Azure & Monaco w/ D & the fam.

Cte d'Azure & Monaco gallery

Album: Barcelona w/ my brother.

Barcelona w/ my brother

Album: Paris & Bruxelles w/ my brother (and the lemur of course).

Lemur loves Paris in the springtime!

I’ll try to post more when I have more time on my hands… Next thursday when I’m off again, maybe?

Back &

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Hey gang! I’m back in town! I have about 700 pics to upload and caption and I start back to work tomorrow. I had an amazing time traveling around Europe w/my bro. It was so awesome and we saw so many really mindblowing things that I want to share with everyone.

In the meantime (while i’m at work & working on uploading all my Europe pics & stories): Y’all should check out It’s a really great social networking site, created by my dad & his friend, and coded by D, set up to help you brag about your past accomplishments. :) I think it’s an awesome idea and set up my own profile, complete with pics and vids of my past endeavors of my swim team era days. :)

I promise I’ll bake pie’s for everyone who signs up via my blog. :)


*cue Jaws theme music* Scuba lizard! !!!

Friday, April 25th, 2008

I’m getting ready for Europe, as I leave today!!! Woohoo! Fricking France!!! I’m going to eat so much “bon poulet”, its going to be awesome!

In the meantime, while I’m gone: Enjoy this amazing image I found of a Green Iguana female, swimming..

Just like a little adorable Navy Seal. hehe! (click on the photo to go to the site where I found the pic)

Submersive attack iguana!

As a random aside, did you know that iguanas can hold their breath for 20 minutes?


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Alright. So i know that D and I went to Albuquerque a week ago, but with the whole job thing I’ve been falling behind a bit with my blog updates.. SO here we go.

Mesa near Acoma.

Last weekend, D and I went town to Albuquerque to see and for me to meet some more of Devon’s extended family. We went to a 80th birthday brunch for D’s Gram. We visited the Native American mesa topped settlement of Acoma. We took a tram up to Sandia Peak while freezing our butts off. We went The Albuquerque zoo with D’s cousin Mathais (who amusingly reminds me a smidge of D when I first met him…with the all black wardrobe, driving like a bat out of hell, and being into all things mechanical). We also gorged ourselves on Sopapillas and your other general New Mexican fare… So much so that by the time I retured, I was desperately craving leafy green vegetables and anything that wasn’t fried. :)

For the rest of my photos, you can go here. 

For Devon’s extensive blog post about our trip, you can go here.

For Devon’s photos, including ones from Acoma, you can go here. 


Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Sorry that i’ve been missing in action recently. I’ve been using most of my time on the interweb researching backpacking in Europe.

I should explain. In May, my brother and I are going to backpack around Europe for 2 weeks. We’ll start in Nice, France and 15 days later we’ll be flying home out of Rome, Italy. We plan on Eurailing it around the continent and traveling on the cheap as much as possible.

Our current itinerary includes stops in Barcelona, Brussels, Amsterdam, Zurich/Schaffhausen, Florence and possibly Bologna. I’m looking forward to eating some amazing food, drinking some great wine, sleeping in overnight trains (which actually look amazingly posh compared to Amtrack as they have white linen restaurants and bars) and staying in cheap hostel/Bed & Breakfast type places and meeting other travelers.

Its kind of daunting. Finding inexpensive but safe places to stay in each city and figuring out the european train system…. Each country seems to have its own train company, and their websites are all separate and the translations are kinda wonky. Its like planning 7 trips at once.

I’m really really really super excited…..